Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"And so I'll be found, with my stake stuck in this ground, marking the territory of this newly impassioned soul." -Mumford and Sons

Breakfast at the Palms Atlantis
   Well it's been a while since my last post, but between my on again/off again internet and this busy wonderful life, I just have not had the chance! Two weekends ago I had an amazing time during my first trip to Dubai! I spent a night with Kirsten and her family who were so amazingly welcoming and took me out for a great night in Dubai. The next night was spent on the Palm tree island in Dubai at the Atlantis hotel for the DXB Beach Party with Mackenzie, Laura, Tamra, and Jill. Through the whole weekend I could not help saying, "is this really our life?" I continue to feel so fortunate here every single day for these amazing opportunities and the amazing people that I get to experience them with.
The Palms Atlantis in Dubai
   This past weekend Tamra and Colleen came for a visit then we spent a night in Sharjah (one of the seven emirates). We have a local friend who took us to a "cookout" in Sharjah. I must add that cookouts here do not start until about 2am! The person putting us up was so great and showed us around his farm where he had emus, lots of birds, and a donkey. Who knows what this upcoming weekend will bring but if our weekends continue in the way that they have been I will remain one happy lady :-)
   I really can't come up with a complaint about school. I feel almost guilty! So many of my friends have such horror stories about their schools right now and the stories they share about their students are just unimaginable. For whatever reason though, I was placed in a great class with a great co teacher. I absolutely adore my kids and are so proud of the progress they are making. I admit though, that I would be lost without my co teacher, Mariam, who is a great help with translations and acts more of the diciplinary so I can be more of the "fun one" haha.
  One more month until Ireland! Already thinking about winter break and will most likely be doing an Asia trip with Colleen.
  That is all for now...I am definitely adjusting to this inshallah way of life and have stopped asking "why" they do anything here because there really is no rhyme or reason to any decisions they make. All you can do is say Mafi Mushkila and go with the flow.
   Sending love to you all, enjoy the fall weather for me because I really do miss it!

           <3 Love and miss you all!

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